Role of youth making india a better place

It is necessary that the youth gets to exercise their freedom of speech, their opinion and their ideas.

Youth participation in Democracy and good governance

They educate children about their rights. Anyone and everyone can be heard. A platform this powerful needs to be utilized at its fullest and the onus lies on the youth of the country. His advice to the young is that they should "enter more fully into the experiences and ideals of the race, if they are to live more abundantly".

Short essay on the role of youth in India

Let us hope for the same. They do so by guiding youth toward strategies for avoiding failure. The principle of integrity should be adopted by youth for progress in any work they take up.

Helping Youth Find Positive Role Models It is obvious that helping youth find positive role models is not a clear-cut or simple task, particularly if they have adopted prevention mindsets during their growing-up years.

Youths are Today and Tomorrow of Our Nation Youth is not only the partner of today but also the leader of tomorrow. It is necessary that the youth gets to exercise their freedom of speech, their opinion and their ideas.

If we break with our culture, we misdirect the forces of change and as a result of it no progress is made by the society. Teach children that failure is necessary for success. The youth is asking questions. A world free of discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, language and gender.

Role of Youth in Nation Building

And hey, we are alive and powerful. The young generation shoulders a huge chunk of the responsibility of nation building; not the politicians or the policy makers alone. It has underplayed itself in field of politics.

They can criticize the system of the nation as well as stand up to bring about changes towards making the society a better place. The constitution of India guarantees compulsory and free education to every child till the age of The energy and inspiration of young leaders are key drivers for accelerating progress on sustainable development of our nation.

The new psychology of success. Youths can come together and shape the future of our country. They believe in themselves and their abilities to turn their passion into profession which makes them more successful. They know what they are capable of and how to use their potential in the right direction.

The youth is joining hands in solidarity when that is the need of the hour. Voicing ones opinion is no longer a luxury of the rich and the elite. Every citizen of our country plays an important role in the progress and development of our country. Youth is full of energy and enthusiasm to learn, act and achieve.

The constitution having the youth bestowed with the right to vote is itself a blessing for the country. We need to learn from yesterday and live with hope for a better tomorrow.

Thirdly, it is vital to empower the youth to take charge of their life. You do not need to have access to the best academic grooming to be able to come out and talk about what you feel about any pertinent issue.

The Role of Youth In modern

Society should mould itself according to the thinking of the young because it is difficult for the older generation to have new thinking. A nation develops at a steady pace when the youth of the country is educated and their education is put to right use. Participation of youths in growing economy is essential key to national development.

Here, the youth can play their part by imparting the knowledge to the rural areas by setting up awareness camps from village to village. Problem-Solving Risk-taking As teenagers grow to young adulthood, who are their role models. Young people who have developed a prevention mindset are likely to find these types of role models very helpful because they share similar fears.

Conclusion Thus, youths play a significant role in the progress and development of the nation. India is of largest youth population in the world today.

So, they are very well suited for various jobs. Short Essay on Role of Youths in Nation Building — Essay 1 words Nation building refers to the process of engaging all the citizens in the development of the nation.

A single stick can be broken with just a hit, two sticks can still be broken, but when a bunch of sticks are being tied together, they cannot be broken, and that is the exact case in the present day youth. So youth of India should take this responsibility on their shoulders.

Another responsibility which Indian youth will have to take is to revive our culture. If we break with our culture, we misdirect the forces of change and as a result of it no progress is made by the society.

These are some of the key elements that affect India at present and which overarch the role of young people in society.

Role of Youth in Nation Building

Young people in India today The youth of India make up approximately a quarter of the population and thus represent a substantial sector of society (Adlakha, ).

Its time The youth, the students have to realize their power, their role, their duties and their responsibility and stand up for their rights. Now its time that instead of brain drain we should act like magnets and attract world to India.

Role Of Youth Making India A Better Place Mobile Youth Trends India Report The Mobile Youth Trends India Report Table of Contents Published May The Mobile Youth Trends India Report provides marketing and product managers and overview of both the quantitative and qualitative state of play with young mobile customers (aged ).

Free Essays on My Idea To Make India a Better Place. Get help with your writing. 1 through We’ve Got Lots of Free Essays youth, is much different and far better then the youth of other countries Words; 3 Pages; Making India Knowledge Society the social policy of the community is of utter importance in making it a better.

Jan 25,  · UNV India is hosting the Indian iteration of the Global Presentation Competition “Youth Change the World – Volunteering for the SDGs” in cooperation with mul.

Role of youth making india a better place
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How Role Models Influence Youth Strategies for Success