Keda sap implementation

It was not clear how much profit or loss resulted from the sale of a product, nor which part of the product or the production process contributed to that profit or loss.

Retirement LI Settlement In China, workers look up to those in authority to provide direction. Why reinvent the wheel. It is Keda sap implementation there are many other companies offering custom online writing services.

It was producing only six machine presses per month, grossly below the quantity demanded by customers. After one month, he could not cope anymore and decided to bypass the ERP system.

By the early 20oos, Keda had surpassed most of its competitors to become a world leader in building materials machinery, second only to SACMI of Italy www. In devising the plan, Zhu relied heavily on Benjun Zhang, who eventually became the head of the IT department.

This lack of integration was especially taxing in the face of competition from local and foreign companies that challenged Keda on many fronts.

The senior executives had no choice but to replace him. Furthermore, Keda derived its competitive advantages not from proprietary business processes but from product innovation and price competition.

The authors may have disguised certain names and otheridentifying information to protect confidentiality. Understandably, he was under tremendous pressure, faced with the dilemma of having to direct resources both to the immediate and emergent needs of the company, and to the development and execution of an overarching computerization plan.

ERP projects are expensive and risky. Computerization is an auxiliary tool that helps [Keda] to achieve its goals and develop its business.

Keda's SAP implementation case Essay

In particular, opposition to technological changes might be especially pronounced in the Chinese context due to feared loss of both status and discretion and the use of unrecognized performance metrics.

Decreased stock holding costs 5. Much work was put into effecting these changes. Page 7 9B11E This physical collocation of ERP team members meant that departmental managers would have time to work on their departmental tasks only after 5: Period Control Method Information on Permitted Statu In that case, key users would demand endless changes, causing major delays in the project.

They then divided the process and responsibilities accordingly. There were three main roles: At one point, their computers were moved to our office, and we literally worked together. Use of equipment in prod. But on the fourth day, he shut down the workshop anyway.

KEDA’S SAP IMPLEMENTATION. Prepare the "KEDA’s SAP Implementation" case. ERP projects are expensive and risky. #1-Why did KEDA decide to embark on an ERP implementation project? #2-What are the major processes of implementing an off-the-shelf ERP system?

#3- Leadership plays a pivotal role in the successes of ERP projects. Keda's SAP implementation case Essay History: – Founded in by Lu Quin with a small investment, a ceramics machinery manufacturer - Keda's SAP implementation case Essay introduction.

In this phase, Keda evaluated various off-the-shelf ERP suites and shortlisted SAP and then assembled an implementation team consisting of members from all their business units. Keda SAP Implementation Case Study. 5 pages words. This is a preview content.


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Submitted to: Professor Lutfus Sayeed. Aug 31,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Dr. Fan Zhu, vice general manager of Keda Industrial Company Ltd.

(Keda), was utterly satisfied with the outcome of the SAP project. A mere five months after forming an implementation team, Keda had successfully deployed SAP as its enterprise resource planning .

Keda sap implementation
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